About the Project

This construction project will remove the existing culvert that runs under Brock St. W. and replace it with a pair of twinned culverts. The existing culvert is in a state of failure and does not have enough capacity to prevent significant flooding in a major storm event.

The new, wider culvert will greatly reduce the impact of flooding in the downtown. Many properties in the downtown core will no longer be in the flood plain when the culvert project is finished.



Construction will take place in several phases. Currently the project is in the Pre-Construction phase. Learn more about the construction project.

Construction Schedule and Stages (Sept 1, 2018)



Work Being Done

Potential Impact


New Parking Lot behind 12 Main Street North

Estimate start mid-September

  • Construction of temporary parking lot at rear of 12 Main Street North to replace lost parking spots.
Paving equipment on-site, some impact on use of parking lot.


Construction Equipment arrives in the parking lot North of Brock Street

Estimate early September

  • Establishing a staging area for project construction equipment.
  • Construction fencing to be set up.
Loss of parking behind businesses in the area.


Demolition of Buildings on the South side of Brock Street

Estimate late September for three weeks.

  • Demolition of 34 and 36 Brock Street
  • Construction fencing to be set up.
Sidewalk access limited in front of the buildings for several weeks, on the South side.

Potential for intermittent noise and dust.


Brook Diversion under Centennial Drive

Estimate start mid-September for two weeks.

  • Piping installed under Centennial Dr. parallel to the existing culvert for a temporary Brook by-pass.
Intermittent closure of Centennial Drive to through traffic.

The Township of Uxbridge has committed to keeping everyone informed and connected throughout the project. We will provide regular Communication updates throughout the project as well as maps and information about parking, road closures and detour routes.


All the downtown businesses remain open during construction. Additional parking and pedestrian-friendly features make visiting our downtown easier than ever. Please continue to support the local merchants!

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The History

The culvert is a critical piece of infrastructure located beneath Brock Street West (Lower Brock Street). The culvert is old and requires replacement. Historical records of flooding in downtown Uxbridge have been documented since 1932. Flood modelling studies confirm that, should a significant weather event such as Hurricane Hazel occur, a significant flood hazard exists for land adjacent to the Uxbridge Brook, particularly along Bascom St and along Brock St. W.


Your Culvert Connection

Mike Wilson is the Township of Uxbridge Project Coordinator and has been working on the Culvert behind the scenes since 2017.

Do you have questions or need more information? Just ask Mike!

Mike Wilson
Brock St. Culvert Project Coordinator
Township of Uxbridge
51 Toronto St. S.

416 788 7576
[email protected]