Culvert Construction Proceeding On Track

Recent reports of Construction delay are unfounded

Construction on the Brock St. Culvert project is entering a new phase. In preparation for excavation work, crews are now installing a dewatering system and a shoring system. Both systems are required before the excavation can begin. The de-watering system is a complex series of wells, pipelines and pumps that will temporarily lower the ground water under the site to reduce the amount of water infiltrating from underneath the excavation. The shoring system is required to retain the walls of the excavation for safety. Both systems are being installed at the current time.

Once ready to excavate, crews will begin installing the culvert at the North end of the site (under the Municipal parking lot). The culvert will be installed in continuous sections moving south in order to maintain the flow of the Brook through the excavation during construction. A sustained road closure will be required when the culvert is installed across Brock St. W. The last piece of the culvert to be installed will be the one closest to Centennial Dr.

The downtown area will experience lots of construction activity over the next few months. Please take time to visit the area, and support the local merchants. Thank-you for your patience as we make this necessary improvement to our infrastructure.