Culvert Construction To Close Centennial Drive Until Year End

Construction of the Brock St. Culvert will close a portion of Centennial D. beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8th for 4 months. The road will be closed at the Uxbridge Brook where crews are working. Pedestrians and vehicles will not be able to cross the Uxbridge Brook on Centennial Drive until the road is reopened. For the month of September, both Brock St. and Centennial Dr. will be closed simultaneously.

Visitors to the downtown are advised to plan their excursion and park on the appropriate side of the construction project. Vehicles will be able to enter Poplar St. and use the Municipal parking lot behind the Library. Vehicles can also enter Centennial Dr. from Bascom St. to enter the parking lot for Chances Are. A pedestrian walkway behind Circle K Variety enables pedestrians to travel across the construction to access stores along Brock St. and connects to the Municipal parking lot behind 12 Main St. The footpath across the Uxbridge Brook in Centennial Park can be used to walk between Bascom St. and Poplar St. 

The closures are supported by downtown signage directing vehicles and pedestrians to alternate routes. A route map (below) is available from local merchants to help guide visitors where to park or traverse the closures.

The contractor has completed installing the low-flow culverts across Brock St. and is now installing the high-flow culvert sections. Once installed, crews will backfill over the culverts and prepare the road for reopening. Crews near Centennial Drive will excavate the site to prepare for culvert installation.

Residents may also notice fluctuating water levels in Elgin Pond and the Uxbridge Brook as construction crews move the water flow of the Uxbridge Brook between culvert channels as the culverts are installed.

Thank-you for your patience as we move into the final stages of the Brock St. Culvert construction project.