Project Update – July 2020

Culvert Project Update – July 2020

A large drill installs a shoring wall across Brock. St. ahead of excavation. June 2020

Work on the Brock St. culvert is proceeding across Brock Street beginning the week of July 20th.

The sidewalk on the north and south side of Brock St. will be closed at the excavation. All businesses remain open and can be accessed from the sidewalk
in front of their location. Businesses on the east side of the construction have access from the east. Access to businesses on the west side of the excavation is from the west, including the parking lot behind the Library.
A pedestrian walkway has been built behind Circle K Convenience to convey pedestrians through the construction zone to access businesses on both sides of the excavation. Closing both sidewalks will speed up the project schedule so the project can be completed as quickly as possible.

Construction activities will continue south of Brock St. between the buildings at 30 and 38 Brock St. Crews are drilling deep vertical holes to create a temporary shoring wall. The noise levels from the work will be monitored continuously by the Township’s consultant to ensure it is below the Provincial Safety Guidelines, but we acknowledge that each person has different tolerances to nuisance noise.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter , please contact:

Project Coordinator – Mike Wilson – 416-788-7576

AECOM Site Representative – Phil Stone – 1-519-981-5641
AECOM Contract Administrator – Martin Doran – 1-905-767-5614

A new pedestrian walkway will help pedestrians travel through the construction zone to access Brock St. merchants.