Property Easement Delays Culvert Project

Construction on the Brock St. Culvert Project will re-commence in the spring of 2019.  The delay is due to the fact that the Township is still negotiating, with the possibility of having to commence an expropriation process, for a small piece of property. This property is required as an easement for the culvert.  Expropriation is an action that the Township will use as a last resort to acquire the easement needed for the project.  An amicable negotiation is the Township’s preferred course of action.

Various easement, property purchase, and culvert realignment options were studied by engineers before the Township selected a modified culvert route.

Decision-making was hampered by the timing of the negotiations which occurred during the election period. During the election and post-election period, Council was/is in a “lame duck” position because less than three-quarters of the existing Council is returning for the next term of Council. In this circumstance, legislation in the Municipal Act restricts the current Township Council in their ability to acquire/dispose of property over a certain value, or conduct significant financial transactions not previously included in the budget during the remainder of their term of Council. The Lame Duck period ends when the new Council is inaugurated on Dec. 3rd.

Work on the culvert project will resume once the easement requirement has been acquired by the Township which is anticipated to be by May or June 2019.