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Quick Facts


Quick Facts

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The Culvert is comprised of several sections, one of which is a stone arch that is over 100 years old. Currently, some sections are being reinforced with jack-posts to maintain their structural integrity.

Flood modeling predicts that if Uxbridge experiences a storm equivalent to Hurricane Hazel, flood water would be 2 metres high flowing across Brock St. W. The  replacement of the culvert will alleviate these flood concerns.

The flow of the Uxbridge Brook must be maintained during construction. Construction techniques will be used to ensure the water constantly flows through the project.

Twin culverts will replace the current single culvert under Brock St. W. One of the culverts is situated lower than the other to maintain adequate water depth to support the aquatic ecosystem.


Once the culvert is replaced many properties will no longer be located in the flood plain. This project may be the catalyst for future redevelopment opportunities downtown.