Visit our Downtown

Visit our Downtown



The Township of Uxbridge has tried to minimize the disruptions that construction will bring to the downtown. Additional parking spots have been created to make sure you can find a place to park. A pedestrian walkway will connect parking with shops. During the Brock St. W. closure, a bridge will connect the sidewalk across the construction and a convenient drop-off loop will allow cars to drop of passengers safely and conveniently at the intersection of Toronto and Brock St. W.

Come on downtown and check to see what is going on – our downtown is open for business! The local merchants on Brock St. and Bascom St. appreciate your continued support during construction.

Parking Suggestions During Sidewalk Closure (July 20th-September)


  • During the culvert construction, the Municipal Parking Lot located to the West and North of Circle K will be significantly reduced
  • One row of parking spots will remain on the East side of Toronto St. N. These spots will be available for parking for a 2 hour maximum.
  • Additional parking available during construction will be located at the Old Fire Hall (Bascom Street) and on the East side of the existing municipal lot behind Circle K.
Dec 2019 Parking Map Poster_CulvertConnection